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If you wish your application to St. Michael’s Primary school to be supplemented with a faith form signed by Revd Huw Thomas please attend the form signing panel at St. Michael’s church on Tuesday 22nd February at 7.30 p.m. Please ensure you bring your child’s Baptism certificate and any attendance booklets you have been given by church. 


Throughout the pandemic we have been following protocol laid out by Manchester diocese and the national Church of England and not signing attendance booklets as churches have with either been closed or only partially open with a restriction on numbers attending.  We cannot count attendance at online services as not everyone may have internet access so to count attendance at these services would be discriminatory.


Following diocesan guidance, we are now able to begin to count attendance again and you will now have received a booklet which we can now sign.  Admissions requirements for St. Michael’s Primary School require that you attend twice a month for the 12 months immediately prior to making a school application, or once a month for two years immediately prior to the school application. 


Unfortunately, there will be many of you who won’t meet the minimum requirements for entrance to school in September 2022 as there are only four months between now and February.  We understand that this will be disappointing, but we have had to follow national and diocesan protocol. 

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