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No matter how far away it may be, thinking about your own funeral service now and making your wishes known can be a comfort to you and your family in all sorts of ways. If you’re thinking about sorting out your own funeral service plan, Your Church Funeral Planning Tool offers guidance on how to do that, and how it can really help your family when the time comes.


The Your Funeral Wishes Planner is a downloadable leaflet which enables you to record their wishes. It is split into two sections: what will happen on the day, and what might happen later at a time when family and friends can gather. The leaflet provides spaces to make some notes and begin to think about your ideas, including the sort of music and readings you might like, and the venue where you’d like it to take place. You could then use it to share with those around you.


Wherever it happens, a Church of England funeral can be designed to reflect your story, making it personal, unique and meaningful. There are lots of choices that can be made, but remember they are not set in stone. You can revise your ideas as often as you wish.


Remember, your funeral wishes are needed before your Will is read, so please don’t keep them with your Will. Instead keep them somewhere safe, and don’t forget to let your close family and friends know where to find them. More information is available at the Church of England Funerals Hub.

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