The Restoration and Development Trust has the following purposes: 


  • Maintaining and developing the fabric of St Michael's Church, both inside and out

  • Maintaining and developing Church Croft, a property adjacent to St Michael's, purchased by the Parochial Church Council, and where most Parish activities take place

  • Contributing to the spiritual growth of the St. Michael's

To join the Trust a minimum subscription of £10 per annum is required.  All monies paid into the Trust’s funds can only be spent in the way described.   They cannot, for instance, be used for the payment of domestic church bills.


The words “restoration and development” speak for themselves and are what the Trustees bear in mind at all times.  In the past money has been given to the PCC for such projects as repairing pinnacles on the tower and work on the organ.

Recently the Trust published a booklet entitled “The Origin, History and Guide to St Michael's” These are on sale in Church priced at £1.50 a copy.

People who love St Michael’s are invited to remember the trust in their Will or when considering making a donation.


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