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The earliest gravestone dates from 1669, though there are records of burials before that. 


Some of the flat stones have simple verses on them, for example the Fidler's grave close to the vestry door.  The verse on the grave of William Oldfield, a blacksmith, which is located east of the vestry door is attributed to Tim Bobbin.  The Lancashire poet was baptised in St Michael's Church. 

The Churchyard is a beautiful, restful place and hallowed ground.  Please show respect to the graves.  If your are looking around the churchyard, please be careful, gravestones are very slippery when wet and some are uneven too. 


If you enter the Churchyard through the main gates and past the entrance doors to the Church, turn left and walk the length of the Churchyard, on the right hand side, you will come to Garden of Remembrance, a peaceful place set aside for the interment of ashes and quiet contemplation.

We have a small but dedicated team of gardeners who tend the church yard. They meet every Friday morning, come rain or come shine. If you would like to help please get in touch.

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