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There are some fantastic resources to help you, your families and friends to cope during this difficult pandemic period.  We are living our lives in emotionally challenging circumstances as we are unable to visit or meet with our extended, friends or work colleagues.  This page has been created to provide you with some helpful advice, and we'll try to keep it updated and add to it using your suggestions.

Depending on the technology you and others have access to there are a variety of ways to keep in touch.  This could be using a landline or mobile phone, and there are many video apps/sites available too.  At St Michael's we have been using Zoom for our group planning meetings.  This is free of charge, can be used for audio and video calls, and your contacts can join via their phone, computer or via a mobile app.  For large group meetings you have up to 40 minutes free of charge. 

There are some wonderful organisations sharing their hints and tips, and a variety of activities, videos and other resources for us all to use free of charge.  If you find something you've used particularly useful then let us know, and we'll add it to the following list.  Click on the hyperlinks to visit the sites in a new window:

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