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A special message from Rev Huw Thomas

Dear Sisters and Brothers

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter.  The Coronavirus levels are at an all-time high, coupled with some of the highest Covid-19 death rates we’ve seen so far, plus levels in Trafford are seriously high.  The new strain is also an unknown, and we are concerned that it can spread more easily to other people.  Therefore, I feel we have no choice but to close the church building until mid-February when we will review the situation again.  


This decision is not being taken lightly.  I would much prefer to protect the members of our church community over the next few weeks, so we can ALL continue to worship together in the years to come.     


Thankfully, six members of our congregation have already received their vaccine jab.  I’m optimistic that the future will be much brighter, but for the time being we are in the throes of a crippling pandemic, and we need to remain as safe as is possible.

Please be assured, our online services will be continuing as normal.


God Bless


Rev Huw

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